Create a Winning Sales Culture | Execute With Discipline | Maximize the Value of Time and Resources

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got. – Lee IacoccaTime

Let’s begin the New Year with a sense of urgency! In the article, we will discuss time and business resources. Like you, I am passionate about getting things done to accomplish my goals, so time and a clear focus are my biggest allies. From a business perspective, here are a few thoughts:

For any endeavor, the opportunity exists to either effectively leverage time or to mismanage it. And, one way or the other, this will have a significant impact on what one is trying to accomplish. In the business setting, to be most effective, there must exist a scheme to establish continual, systematically alignment, ensuring that team members are accountable and engaged in the tasks/activities of highest priority for meeting the goals of the business. To that end, a practice of routine, impromptu inspection, as well as formalized operations reviews of expectations is not only a prudent business practice but a necessity.

A well-managed, systematic approach is essential to ensuring that frivolous activities or poor execution do not creep into operations, compromising the capability to deliver business goals.  Leaders in winning sales cultures are passionate and relentless in creating the atmosphere to support the right organizational habits and operational integrity. There is a game plan for consistent, rigorous and disciplined management of time and resources with a crystal clear focus on the right activities, promoting individual employee success as well as overall business growth.

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