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Collaboration and Teamwork

          “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
― Helen Keller Collaboration and Teamwork

Winning sales cultures are characterized by a high degree of collaboration and teamwork. In fact, the most enlightened business leaders leverage collaboration in a way that it becomes a strategic asset for driving sales and revenue performance.

Here’s what I mean by this:  The performance gap between average sales persons and star performers can be as much as 50% or greater. Further, since the average performer typically comprises 60-70% of the sales team, improvement within this group represents a significant opportunity for enhanced growth for the business. Winning sales cultures create an environment where the top sales persons are openly provided recognition by senior leadership for sharing best practices with other members of the team. Business leaders will create energy, emphasis and focus such that collaboration becomes a central feature of the business, and an organic process resulting in the ongoing improvement of the sales team’s collective “I.Q.”. Thus, the sharing of best practices becomes a key cultural attribute; and the business lays the foundation for the continuous development of the team’s sales capability in both the near and long-term. Moreover, this atmosphere enhances employee engagement and provides an opportunity to identify future leaders; these are the sales folks who do the best job of sharing best practices and taking the opportunity to support and assist fellow team members.

The following are key factors for the success of this strategic initiative:

  • Commitment and Partnership (business leadership and salespersons with best practices).
  • Thorough assessment and debrief for a full understanding and delineation of best practices.
  • Sales manager ownership and accountability regarding plans for individual employee skill development about best practices.
  • Flawless Execution – Skill/knowledge transfer through disciplined coaching and realistic role play.
  • Recognition of Key Contributors – People who demonstrate leadership in the sharing of best practices must be acknowledged and shown appreciation by business leaders in the presence of their peers. It is imperative that business leaders will take the opportunity to recognize key contributors in both informal settings and more formal employee recognition events.

Leaders in winning sales cultures place a high value on collaboration, focusing their energies and resources to build this kind of environment because they understand that the benefits of such are enormous.

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