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Create a Winning Sales Culture | Execute with Excellence | Customer Experience

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”   Customer Experience

– Benjamin Franklin

Providing an exceptional customer experience at every touchpoint in your business is imperative, as it lays the groundwork for growth over the long term. A strong reputation for excellence in the customer experience cannot be bought, nor artificially fabricated through high powered communications, promotions, and advertising. Quite simply, it must be earned on a day-to-day basis through consistent delivery of an extraordinary customer experience, every time with every customer. Sounds simple; however, in my experience this means great execution in a number of areas to pull this off, just to name a few:

Employee Training/Development/Coaching, Reward Systems along with appropriate Visibility, Accountability, and Consequences. And, of course, in some cases, technology will have a significant impact.

The most successful companies never lose sight of the fact that business viability, vitality, and sustainability are centered on their employees and customers. In this article the focus is on the customer experience; the person that pays the bills. Happy customers are more loyal, spend more money and are not hesitant to tell their friends and family good things about the company. What a powerful formula for success!

Here is a key success factor for creating alignment and a customer-oriented atmosphere: As mentioned earlier, regardless of business size or industry, compensation and recognition programs for senior leadership through the front line must be designed to reward people for the consistent delivery of exceptional customer satisfaction. The expectation and mindset for everyone must be that the customer experience is not just the job of certain groups or departments within the enterprise. Every individual must be accountable, empowered and take ownership to ensure that customers are delighted with each and every experience with the business.

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