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Create a Winning Sales Culture | Execute with Discipline and Demand Excellence

Create a Winning Sales Culture | Execute with Discipline and Demand Excellence

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”       – Stephen Covey Execute with Discipline and Demand Excellence

Execution is a passion for me. And, while I could devote an entire book to the subject, in this article, the focus will be to examine one very specific aspect of execution, a simple framework to keep everyone aligned on a day-to-day basis.

Cultural Foundation

Before getting into details, let me first re-emphasize the importance of having the right culture. Two of the key elements of a winning sales culture are 1) open two-way communications

2) collaboration. These are critical success factors for good execution. Leaders will find it difficult to over-communicate on matters of importance to employees.

Furthermore, folks want and need to be able to have their voices heard by business leaders. And thus, truly effective communication is not unilateral but is a meaningful open and two-way exchange of vital information. In a more holistic sense, this cultural environment promotes a dynamic communications network and effortless collaboration among Individuals and teams.

Keeping it Simple

I have found that it to be effective to address complex business challenges in a simple way that makes sense. So, here is a framework that works to help everyone on the team to have a common way to think about sales execution:

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