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Create a Winning Sales Culture with Inspired, Results Driven Leadership!Results Driven Leadership

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

What characteristics are you looking for in your sales leader(s)?

Don’t be tempted to hire individuals just because they are articulate, knowledgeable, and technically competent at functional responsibilities. Of course, these capabilities are very important, but there is more – much more that you’re looking for. These things are those critical intangibles some of which cannot be taught.

Your leaders must have integrity, spiritual and emotional stamina, as well as being competitively driven to win. They must possess the attitude and passion to excite, uplift, inspire and support those around them on both an individual level, and as a team.  The ideal candidate will possess a deep-seated desire for overachieving and have a track record demonstrating the ability to lead teams to exceed expectations.  This is a person who is a model for strong collaborative skills and an individual who does not fold in the face of adversity. After all is said and done, with even the best employee development and training, the real difference between mere competence and excellence for the team as a whole lies in the atmosphere created by leadership. And thus, the selection and/or development of strong, inspirational leaders is a critical success factor to the winning culture.

The individual(s) we are looking for must be ambitious and have very high standards, benchmarking their achievements against the best in class. The ideal candidate will exude confidence (not arrogance), with high expectations not only for himself but those around him; he will set the standard for excellence, inciting peak performance for the entire team. Our sales leader will inspire all of us through his high achievement orientation, consistently positive mindset and, most importantly, his actions and personal work ethic. That is, this is a person who engages in rigorous and disciplined preparation. This individual knows what it takes to win; he will diligently prepare himself and his team to be capable of doing all the right things in the right way, creating and enhancing those habits and skills that will provide the best chance at winning.

In summary, here are the essential attributes that will stand out your ideal candidate:

  • Integrity
  • People Orientation and Collaboration
  • Achievement Orientation along with the Ability to Coach, Develop and Inspire Others
  • Spiritual and Emotional Stamina

When you employ sales leaders with these characteristics, good things will inevitably happen. This a blueprint for success that has shown to produce consistently outstanding results time and time again.

I am passionate about this very powerful business framework as it is electric, fun and exciting!  This atmosphere is the kind of that exists in a winning sales culture! Should you need assistance in the selection and/or development of your sales leaders, contact me at  Contact or (281) 817-7391.

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