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Make People First | Create a Winning Sales Culture

Create a Winning Sales Culture – Key Growth Strategies – Make People First

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.Make People First | Create a Winning Sales Culture

– Harvey S. Firestone 

In the next five articles, I will review summaries for key strategies that have been proven to drive business growth immediately and over the long-term:

  • Make People First – Disciplined Coaching, Employee Development and Committed Support
  • Maximize Overall Team Performance – Collaboration and Sharing Best Practices
  • Create a Business as Usual Environment for Stretch Goals – Joint Planning and Ownership
  • Demand Excellence – Accountability, Visibility, and Consequences
  • Inspect What You Expect – Systematic Inspection and Review Processes

Each of these strategies can be developed and implemented independently; however, they are most effective when harmonized and integrated together into a winning sales culture.

Let’s begin our journey with a summary of Strategy #1, Make People First:

Business Opportunity:

Employees are the most important asset in the business. They are the face of the enterprise to the marketplace. With proper training, development, and support, they will help build a strong business reputation and increase customer loyalty; thus providing the foundation for sustained revenue growth and profitability.

Key Advantages:

  • Sustained, long-term improvement in business growth
  • Extraordinary customer experience and increased loyalty
  • High employee satisfaction, engagement, and reduced attrition/turnover rates

Critical Success Factors:

  • Business leadership must make employee development a top priority and set expectations and commit resources accordingly.
  • Sales leaders must be trained and developed so that they become skilled and competent coaches. Coaching is a discipline of its own and requires knowledgeable and capable management for proper and effective execution.
  • Sales leaders must be held accountable for building supportive relationships with employees while helping them to develop necessary key skill-sets, and yet challenging them to meet high expectations for performance.
  • For optimal results, leaders must create customized plans for the development of each. Each person brings a different set of variables to the table: distinct personality traits, capabilities/talents, experience, skill sets, etc. And thus, “one size does not fit all: Managers must create customized plans for the optimal development of each individual.  These coach/employee relationships are developed and nurtured on a one-on-one basis.

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